You are made to move

  • Tension in your back or neck?
  • Easily stuck on a problem?
  • Missing a sense of “flow”?

Our bodies are made to move and interact an ever-changing nature. However, most professional environments are fixed to facilitate mental tasks and the execution of repetitive movements. 

Research has shown that it is fundamental to our physical, creative and mental wellbeing to keep challenging ourselves by moving in different ways and at regular intervals. This can seem challenging, but you don’t have to become an athlete spending hours “training” every day. With a little commitment and clear guidance, moving with ease and skill in your workplace feel natural.

Can parts of our nature be integrated in our working space?
Staying with a wave of mental flow

Leveraging my background as engineer, yoga teacher and movement therapist, I designed a training framework for mindful movement . It is a training framework focused on supporting the integration of healthy movement back into the working space without interfering with the job that needs to be done. It provides the tools which will help you find a place of mental and physical flow again and again.

I highly recommend attending Harald’s classes if you’re looking for ways to bring more awareness into your daily life! Harald’s playful demeanour invites you to explore within a space that feels safe and without judgment. He’s a knowledgable and trustworthy teacher, and it is clear that he lives by what he teaches.

Lauren Rae Baumgartner

About me

I am Harald De Bondt from Belgium, a dancer, yoga teacher and machine learning engineer and artist.headshot Currently, I am studying at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg to become a dance and movement therapist. I speak decent german and fluent english, french and dutch. In my free time I teach handball to kids. While working as an engineer in the field of human movement  analysis I train weekly in dance, yoga, martial arts or any kind of body work that helps deepen my understanding of human movement. For mental creativity and self-exploration I practice lucid dreaming and meditation. I find that simply the effort to keep trying new physical/mental ways of being, improves the experience and result of implementing ideas. My aim is to integrate making and moving, simultaneously working with technology and the body.