Creative movement

  • Learn to thrive in uncertainty
  • Lift the atmosphere in the office
  • Develop your creativity

Based on the theory and practice of dance and movement therapy these sessions are designed to grow the creative and expressive side of the participants. These sessions include small practices which can be performed every day to integrate into the daily workflow.

Organisational info

  • Each session can be designed to lasts between 1 hour and a day depending on the needs of the organisation
  • A session is held at the organisation, in its office space, conference room or sports area
  • There can be up to 12 participants
  • The instructional language can be English, Dutch, French or German

After every session the participants can expect to feel more energised, relaxed and connected with the other participants, ready to continue working with self confidence. In each session participants discover a wealth of resources which allow them to find alternative patterns of behaviour. In the long term participants enhance their creativity and social skills to better cope with uncertainty and work as an independent and reliable member of a team.

For me, who was all my life as graceful as a flea and felt like a Pinocchio, the course with Harald meant a world. With his great knowledge and soothing guidance, I was able to pay attention to what my body has to say and explore how to feel comfortable in it. He kept reminding us to observe the beauty in the nature and to explore the magic of our own imagination in order to calm the busy minds and enjoy being present. I am grateful for this experience.

Maša Banićević

Dancing requires quick decision making in regards to physical coordination, rhythm, and social awareness. Quick decision-making bolsters intelligence. Trying out new movements mindfully, allowing yourself to make mistakes, engages both your mind and body. Through improvisation exercises you’ll be able to feel part of interactive process’ and understand how your personal ideas can be integrated without disrupting them.

Work can be as much fun and engaging as you allow it be

I invite people who move in their spare time, through for example sports, to use the movements they know and make them feel good. To show that the movements they enjoy do not have to be exclusive to spare time and that we can learn from each other by sharing. More than just dancing, moving together in creative interactions improve self-confidence, team-work and are extremely fun!