Ergonomic movement

  • Avoid back/neck pain
  • Increase concentration
  • Develop a state of mental and physical ease
  • Improve up stress resilience

In each session participants will learn the skills to develop their own healthy movement habits. Small but integrated changes will create an ease that allows you to work smarter and not harder.

Organisational info

  • Each session can be designed to lasts between 1 hour and a day depending on the needs of the organisation
  • A session is held at the organisation, in its office space, conference room or sports area
  • There can be up to 12 participants
  • The instructional language can be English, Dutch, French or German

After every session the participants can expect to feel more energised, relaxed and connected with the other participants, ready to continue working with self confidence. In the long term the participants of ergonomic movement will develop a natural posture and healthy movement habits which reduce back and neck pain, increase concentration and stress resilience.

I thoroughly enjoyed Harald’s teaching style. His organic and friendly demeanour makes it easy to drop preconceived notions, move with the moment, and honour your unique body and mind. He inspired me to constantly change perspectives, consider new options, and smile about myself. Taking most of the woo woo out of it, Harald effortlessly implements yoga and mindfulness tools into a modern day office context and encourages you to be weird at work, in a good way. Your back, neck and hands will thank you later! : )

Lukas Reidenbach

An office or production line is not a fitness center nor a yoga studio, however too little or unnatural repetitive movement will eventually result in mental and physical stress. The challenge is to find ways of moving freely within the space you have. Therefor this training has been designed to explore and integrate the principles of yoga, functional movement and economy of motion in the current working environment.

A Japanese carpenter at work, with a beautiful posture

Regular yoga practice helps to develop and maintain a relaxed concentration during daily activities. Natural functional movement builds the motor control to use the right muscles and effort while moving and maintain a sense of “flow“. Economy of motion deepens your perception on the relation between your body and a specific task, giving you the ability to identify and separate the necessary movements to execute the task in the most efficient way. Functional movement increases the fitness and motor control required to execute the task at hand without putting excessive strain on the body.