Mindful movement

Mindfulness has been shown to be a very effective method to reduce and prevent the stress, so commonly experienced, in our increasingly complex work environment. However, most currently offered mindfulness training requires sitting in silence.

While stillness is helpful to experience mindfulness, it is the dedicated integration of this awareness that will sustain and grow its practice and benefits. In order to progressively invite more mindfulness during work activity, I designed two complementary training frameworks, ergonomic movement and creative movement.

For more details on the organisation, benefits and content of each framework please go to ergonomic movement and creative movement. The framework is organised to be flexible and lean, as such that participants can benefit the most from the trainings. There are 4 modules offered:

  1. Mindful movement 101: An introductory workshop of 2 hours to get to know the framework and asses whether your organisation would benefit from further training.
  2. Mindful movement foundations: A series of 5 sessions which offer participants tools to start integrating mindful movement on the job.
  3. Mindful movement practice: Additional sessions, specifically fine-tuned for your organisation, to improve identified effective skills and introduce advanced practices suited for specific job requirements to deeply integrate movement into daily activities and the culture of the organisation.
  4. Personal mindful movement coaching: One on one coaching sessions to quickly identify and implement practices that fit the individual’s work- and life-style combined with personalised feedback and follow-up.

Whereas ergonomic movement focuses on balancing the mental and physiological structure, creative movement fosters the social and expressive growth of an individual. Depending on the needs of the organisation sessions can be facilitated from one single or the combination of both frameworks.